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Hello Moguls,

As women entrepreneurs, we crave a life of freedom and ease. However, we’ve been conditioned to believe that we must grind endlessly until we reach a certain point when everything will miraculously become easier. We associate this with having more money, better credentials, and more experience.

But the harsh truth is that this relentless hustle-and-grind mentality is taking a severe toll on our lives, impacting us mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s time to reconsider this way of life, not our goals and aspirations, but how we go about achieving them. There is a path to success that doesn’t require us to do it all.

The concept of being a multi-passionate entrepreneur is fantastic, especially when you have a team and another income source supporting your business. However, we’ve shifted our focus from quality to quantity, and we’ve become trapped in a never-ending cycle of managing all our multiple entities, yearning to escape the reality we’ve created.

Let’s be clear; you’ve created your current situation. Yes, you’ve manifested it. Manifesting isn’t just about attracting new cars and parking spaces; it’s about the energy you claim as yours. This includes your complaints, fears, and challenges. All of it contributes to the way you operate in business.

Consider this: you’d operate entirely differently if you felt secure in your ecosystem. But when you have too many irons in the fire, you’re constantly anxious about neglecting something.

We often hear about work-life balance, but what if we aimed to become “un-busy”? It’s a concept I just coined, but it makes sense. What if we could achieve our goals and aspirations but simplify how we do it?

Is it possible to have just one offering instead of ten and still make the same income? Absolutely. It’s like the difference between a boutique and a department store. One offers high-quality products, while the other caters to everyone. The key is understanding what you have the capacity for. Do you have the income, revenue, space, and technology for a full-time staff like a department store, or do you have a desk, a computer, and Wi-Fi? Get clear about where you are before focusing on where you want to go.

In our last post, I mentioned that we’d discuss brainstorming. It’s a crucial part of any development process. All you need is a pen and some paper. Write down your chosen subject at the top of the page, ask yourself a question, and jot down all the answers without editing yourself.

As you strive to streamline your efforts to achieve your goals, increase your personal time, and attain the freedom you desire, ask yourself, “What else can I do to reach my goals?” When you answer these questions, you’ll begin your journey towards time freedom and release the pressure of trying to do it all.

The “all” is the part we need to streamline to start living our dream life now, rather than postponing it for later.

In our next post, we’ll delve into what streamlining could look like for you.

Best wishes,

Monica Wisdom

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We all have a unique story waiting to be told. However, the thought of sharing it can feel strange and scary. The fear of being judged or not accepted can be overwhelming, making it difficult to embrace our own story. It’s important to know that we don’t have to share everything; just what is transformative to us. It helps remove the guilt and shame that we have attached to it. It’s an act of self-love and honesty.

Your story is our power and sharing it closes the gap in our dual life and aligns us with self-integrity. We can walk into a room without fear of being found out or shamed. Embracing our story helps us build confidence and see ourselves from a new perspective. We can own our narrative and use it to empower ourselves and others.

Let’s explore how you can own your narrative, embrace your story, and use it to transform your life. It’s time to celebrate the miracle that is you. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Reflect on your journey: What are the events that have shaped you? What are the lessons you’ve learned along the way? Write down these events and what you learned about yourself.
  2. Find your voice: It’s essential to find your voice and use it to express yourself authentically.
  3. Release the shame: Write down the events that make you feel ashamed, and try to see them from a different perspective. What can you learn from those events? How can you turn them into a positive experience?
  4. Connect with others: Find a support group, a mentor, or a friend who can provide a safe space for you to share your story.
  5. Celebrate your victories: Write down your accomplishments, and take time to celebrate them.

In conclusion, owning your narrative means embracing your story and using it to empower yourself and others. It’s time to celebrate the miracle that is you. By sharing, you release the shame and guilt that may hold you back. Embrace your story, find your voice, and connect with others.

All Love,

Monica Wisdom

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