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Good Day,

Today was eclipse day, and I trucked myself to see this great act of nature. I did not have any glasses, but while getting ready, a download from God helped me see something I never noticed.

I intended to head to the river, and while waiting for the big shadow, what opened up for me was the idea that my lists over the year have been incredibly focused on myself. It was like putting in a food order from the menu of life. I could not believe this information and wondered if this was the first time I heard it or if it was the first time I truly understood it.

Friday and Saturday, I spent in an online workshop called “Mastering your Money Story” with Bettie Spriull. And let me tell you, it was magical. I met Bettie over 20 years ago, and she is one of the premier coaches on the planet. Every time I learn from her, life shifts, which is appropriate given the epiphany I had today about how I was communicating with God.

There was a time when I was a super generous person, and over time, it began to feel like people were taking advantage of me. I began to shut down and keep my brilliance to myself. People were making thousands of dollars off my advice and ideas. What I received was a thank you, but in the beginning, I did not see my worth, so it was not a big deal. And I did not know you could make money from intellectual property. But instead of figuring out how to monetize my gift, I hid it away. The story that everyone was going to take advantage of me began to harden my heart and impact me in other ways.

Even when I was creating vision boards and praying, my perspective has been, what do I want and what do I get? The combination of the workshop and the eclipse shifted something and left an opening for an aha moment that changed everything. Even when I sat in my car to write out what I wanted from the universe changed. It changed with my new understanding. The download from God clearly said, “It is not about what you get, life is about what you contribute” – mind-blown emoji.

I am a big believer in generosity and gratitude, but this was a whole new level of understanding. Since I walked away from a 35-year career, I have been working on new ways to make money. I have made lots of mistakes throughout this year chasing shiny pennies. This download reminded me that life is as big as what you contribute. Money is the smallest part of the equation. Money is the byproduct. So what does that look like? Listen for the difference.

The old way: “God, I would like to create a program that will generate XYZ dollars. I calculate the number of people who it takes to meet that goal. So I am only focused on 20-30 people.” As opposed to, “God, I would like to help humanity elevate in a positive manner that will impact lives around the world.” You see how that feels different. One is about me, and the other is about contributing. WOWWWW.

So, the bigger and more important question is: What am I here to contribute, not what can I acquire in life? LIFE SHIFTS when you open up to new ideas and ingenuity.

Did you have any aha moments?

Love and Light,

Monica Wisdom,

Chief Coach, Monica Wisdom Coaching.


Happy New Year, Ladybugs,

The new year has kicked off with a bang, and if you haven’t caught the Katt Williams interview with Shannon Sharpe, it’s a must-watch. Beyond the entertainment value, it’s laden with powerful nuggets of wisdom, particularly for entrepreneurs. Katt Williams, a true independent entrepreneur, doesn’t rely on sponsors to fund his projects—truly the epitome of self-made success.

In setting the record straight, Katt strategically demonstrated the power of podcasting, showcasing how one impactful interview can reverberate globally and elevate one’s endeavors. The three-plus-hour conversation was not just brutally honest and raw; it was a masterclass in strategic communication.

While he shared his side of the story, Katt also generously dropped the keys to his success, turning this interview into a timeless piece of valuable knowledge. On my second viewing, I found myself taking notes, realizing the profound insights he shared:

  1. Be Independent: Take charge, be the boss, assume responsibility, and keep the profits flowing back to you.
  2. Be Generous: Embrace the universal principle of circulating wealth by giving back where you earn or find inspiration.
  3. Hire Women: Katt advocates for the exceptional work ethic of women, recognizing their valuable contributions.
  4. Bet on Yourself: Invest in your capabilities and potential. Katt’s gamble on creating a comedy special has evolved into 12 specials and 19 tours.

Beyond the surface drama, Katt’s business is entirely independent, providing him the freedom to create without external obligations. His advice extends to universal principles like generosity and progressive practices such as empowering women in the workplace.

If you can get past the sensationalism, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of masterful life and business advice. So, listen for yourself, viewing through the lens of an entrepreneur.

Until next time,

Monica Wisdom
Founder, Monica Wisdom Coaching

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Hello Queen,

I recently attended a fantastic event with some remarkable individuals, primarily women who are passionate about branding with a touch of “woo-woo.” While waiting to chat with the company’s owner, I struck up a conversation with a young lady about her brand aspirations.

I mentioned that I’ve been an entrepreneur for 35 years, and she confided in me about her dreams of becoming one herself. The conversation took an interesting turn as I realized there was a generational difference in our understanding of branding and business.

She described the company she currently worked for but expressed her desire to venture into entrepreneurship because she disliked the idea of an office job and the daily grind. This is where I believe we need more honesty about entrepreneurship. It’s not all sunshine, chilled glasses of rosé, and bubbly celebrations. It often means countless hours of relentless hard work, with no clear finish line in sight.

Entrepreneurship can be a journey of highs and lows. Some days you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with tasks, while others may be surprisingly quiet, but you’ll never be entirely free from work. I understand the allure of freedom, but it’s essential to know that this kind of freedom comes at a cost, both in terms of time and financial investment.

I shared my entrepreneurial journey with her and suggested that she might consider exploring opportunities within her current company that align with her aspirations. By gaining experience, saving money, and climbing the corporate ladder, she can ultimately launch her own business when she’s financially secure.

Now, if she were working a job with minimal growth potential, my advice would have been entirely different. However, considering her position within a massive global corporation—where people wait for years to land such a role—it only makes sense to leverage this as a stepping stone.

Here’s the crux of the matter: Entrepreneurship isn’t a refuge for those who despise their current jobs. It’s more like an innate calling—an irresistible urge to create, innovate, and make the world better. I couldn’t envision myself confined to a corporate environment. The same applies to countless entrepreneurs who act from the heart with a deep-seated passion to bring positive change.

If you’re contemplating entrepreneurship as a romantic escape, it’s crucial to recognize that it’s far from a fairy tale. Success in this realm is possible, but you must understand that by saving, learning, and building your vision while working, you’re laying the firm foundation upon which your entrepreneurial dreams can take flight.

In essence, your job serves as a classroom, where you can master the ins and outs of every aspect of your industry. Use this time to develop your operational skills, understand your finances, and when the right moment arrives, soar confidently into the world of entrepreneurship.

Chat soon,

Monica Wisdom


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Hello Queens,

I hope you are well and thriving. Another memoir is heading our way and I wonder if I am interested in reading it.

Jada Pinkett Smith is a complex tapestry of experiences, a multi-layered persona that never fails to astound. Her recent revelation about her seven-year separation from Will Smith, while still being married, has ignited a flurry of discussions. Some may say, “Who cares?” as we’ve seemingly heard so much about their relationship. Yet, beneath the surface, there’s something that feels unspoken as if there’s more to the story.

At first glance, you might wonder why she’s sharing this deeply personal tale with the world. It’s a fair question. After all, what drives someone to reveal such intimate details? But let’s be honest; most of us haven’t yet delved into the pages of her book to find the answer.

Having briefly crossed paths with Will and Jada and knowing people who’ve worked with them, I can vouch for their character. They are good people. However, like many of us, their lives are not without complexities. The key difference is that they live under the constant scrutiny of the public eye, navigating their personal lives and careers on a grand stage.

When you observe their dynamic, you can’t help but notice a pattern. We often hear about their relationship from Jada’s perspective, while Will remains guarded. He rarely speaks about her outside of family or work contexts. There’s a protective shield he puts around her, and vice versa, well, most of the time.

This raises questions. Does Jada ever feel that her voice won’t be heard unless it’s intertwined with Will’s? It’s crucial to remember that she’s a talented actress. In the past, she was the “it girl.” She was the leading lady. But when she became Mrs. Will Smith, her career seemed to take a backseat. Is there an underlying resentment?

I’m not here to gossip, but I’m examining this situation from the perspective of countless women who have relinquished some of their autonomy in pursuit of a traditional marriage, driven by ideals rather than reality.

In the world of relationships, we find couples leading separate lives, inhabiting different corners of the house or even different cities. Some are best friends rather than romantic partners. Marriages are forged for reasons ranging from convenience, and security, to power. Love, while paramount, is not without its struggles. Even Michelle Obama once confessed that she couldn’t stand her husband for the first ten years of their marriage.

While I might still find myself in the midst of not caring, I believe that Jada is contributing to the broader conversation initiated by Michelle Obama. It’s a call for honesty in relationships. The romanticized notions of “couple goals” and “black love” have pushed us farther away from the raw, unfiltered truth of what marriage truly entails. It’s a pact, a promise shared by two people. Disney’s magic has painted it as a fairytale.

The truth is that relationships can be arduous when the chemistry is off. The question that lingers is whether Jada is contemplating her identity outside of the shadow of Will Smith. She sacrificed so much to be with him, to live within his concept of marriage. Perhaps this book marks her journey towards personal freedom, truth, and inner justice. It could be her way of feeling worthy enough to have her voice heard. And maybe, it’s her exploration of who she is when she’s not defined by someone else’s identity. Especially someone as powerful as a Hollywood icon. Somewhere along the way, the castle he built for her might have started to resemble a prison.

These thoughts are not merely gossip or idle musings; they reflect the broader reality that many of us lead dual lives. The one the world sees and the one that stares back at us in the mirror.

So, when I wonder why Jada is sharing her story, it’s not because I don’t care about her marriage stories. Instead, I’m genuinely curious about what she’s freeing as she unveils her truth and journey. I hope she wholeheartedly embraces herself and recognizes the audacity to be fully Jada Pinkett, without the Smith.”

If you are interested in reading Worthy by Jada you can check it out HERE.

Chat Soon,

Monica Wisdom

Hey Queen,

I hope you are doing well and thriving.

As women entrepreneurs, online visibility is more crucial than ever in today’s crowded digital landscape. Among the countless AI-generated content and personas, authenticity and sharing your true self have become vital. However, there’s no need to dive into true confessions; instead, you can make a significant impact by sharing bits of your real life in an engaging way.

The key here is to curate what you share and how you share it. Remember that once something is on the internet, it’s there forever. Be mindful of the path your story takes, including who it involves, who it’s about, and why you’re sharing it. These considerations are essential to ensure that you never regret the stories you tell.

Let’s be clear; I’m not suggesting sharing your deepest, most personal truths. We all have sensitive matters in our lives that should be handled with care. What I’m advocating is authenticity in your online presence, whether on social media, in your speeches, or any platform where you share your story. The distinction I’m making is between maintaining a persona and embracing your true personality.

Yes, you can present a polished image, but authenticity embeds honesty. It’s about sharing the actual happenings in your life, not creating fairy tales. There are methods to convey the essence of a story without disclosing every single detail. Exceptional storytellers share in a way that has a profound impact while preserving the power and essence of their story, without becoming overly confessional.

I had to learn this lesson myself. When I initially shared my story, it was often from a place of deep pain, which didn’t resonate with people and sometimes pushed them away. I discovered how to tell my story from a position of strength and reserved the intricate details for more intimate settings, like healing sessions.

The idea is to connect with your audience, not merely confess. The goal is to provide people with an understanding of who you are, what you stand for, and the journey of your life. This doesn’t necessitate divulging every minute detail of a particular circumstance. Whether it’s a 90-second social media clip or a longer format, every story should have a beginning, middle, and end. People are more interested in how you emerged on the other side than in the exact tunnel you traveled through.

With Love,

Monica Wisdom

The Story Maven & the Host of the Black Women Amplified Podcast.


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