Stop Over Planning your Business

Stop Over Planning your Business

by Monica Wisdom


Truth moment about my business. Many may know that I have been planning to begin an online academy for an entrepreneur for the last couple of years. In not knowing much about the e-commerce space outside of social media I proceeded to hire some great coaches and mentors. The process was long, tough and stretched me beyond my imagination.

And although the academy is still a work in progress my knowledge of how this works is off the carts. It was just about taking what I already know and applying it to new terms and technologies. When I came to that conclusion it was like a big duhhhhh loomed over my head in a cartoon thought bubble.  But we get there when we are supposed to.

In my frustration of things not happening fast enough I knew that pushing was not the answer, I had to stop. My faith teaches that stillness is the place where thoughts are formed. So it was time for me to get still. An early hibernation if you will because my brain was in overdrive.

I had 15 million ideas and wanted to do all of them at once. As a visionary and creative my brain is always trying to figure it out, come up with a better way or something Kanye -ish!!!

It came to me that the one ingredient that was missing was the magic. My entire adult life I have relied on the magical power of God. But somehow in the past 2 years of study, I have reduced my journey to to-do list, goals and daily accomplishments.

While all of that is great it is not how my brain or spirit connects. In fact, most of my major accomplishments have come from my vision board, my dream lists, and prayer. But somehow I pushed all of that into the corner thinking someone else method worked better than mine.

After I beat myself up I went into my spiritual toolkit and pulled out my MVP process. This is how I got to Ghana, worked for a magazine, became part of a global record label and fell in love. None of it happened by chance but none of it was on my current to-do list.

I know where I want to go, I kinda know how to get there but what I know for sure is that none of it will happen if I don’t leave room for God and Her magic.

Pushing and hustling works when you have a deadline but doing it daily will have you dead alongside your hopes and dreams.

We have to leave space for the magic to happen. Pray over your projects and plant seeds in God’s divine garden and watch your dreams grow.


Have a beautiful day,

Monica Wisdom

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