What Idea are you sitting on?

I remember years ago that I had a dream to live around the world and make money. Having no idea on how to make that happen it seemed like it would never happen. I continued to see folks living this nomad life through Instagram and blogs but it still seemed like something for my next life.

One day I was watching this woman online, she seems a little nutty and over the top but she was funny. So I watched her for a while and around the end of 2015, she offered a course. I had no idea what she was talking about but she was patient and really taught me how to understand the corporate lingo.

Because it wasn’t that I didn’t have the experience or knowledge but what I did have was a disconnect between the use of language and terms. My mentor’s name is Nicole Walters and she became my translator. Coming from the world of creatives, the lingo sounded just like any new language. So I studied and worked really hard to build up my skills in understanding this new language.

Online teaching is a whole new and exciting world. It is a powerful way to get your ideas out into the world and make some extra income.

I did not understand how I would transition into the life of my dreams but it is now on the horizon.

For years I have helped people in business expand their business and now I am taking all of that information and knowledge and bringing it to the online space through masterclasses, online workshops and intensive. I love to teach but most of all I love to see people make their dreams come true. That is my passion and how I serve humanity.

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Many Blessings,

Monica Wisdom


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