I am finally rounding the corner to finishing my website. It is a constant game of refining, adding and subtracting. But as this is the second site I built for my business I know its a never ending story.

The next phase I am moving on to is building our my courses and membership site.  I am super excited about that. It is what I have been working towards for the last year and finally my message is clear and my courses are in complete alignment with what I want to put in the world.

And after searching and searching I have found great platform to house my membership AND courses.  If you have been looking for something to house your courses, digital downloads and get started affordably check out the link here and get a 30 free trial COOL BIZ TOOLS.  Best of all great customer service.

But anyway I cannot wait to reveal everything… and one more thing ….. podcast!!! shhhhh




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