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Raw, Real & Resilient !

Hello Word Warrios Welcome to my word world. Here is where I will express my thought, ideas and crazy opinions. I believe that we create our own world by be also live in a world created by everyone or what I call community. I think that using our voice in this time is essential. But [...]

I am finally rounding the corner to finishing my website. It is a constant game of refining, adding and subtracting. But as this is the second site I built for my business I know its a never ending story. The next phase I am moving on to is building our my courses and membership site.  […]

It is May 4th, 2018 and we are still in the eye of the storm when it comes to talking about race in America. Unraveling race is a complicated intertwined mix of legacy; myths and emotions that center around the perspective of those that are courageous enough to have the conversation. Personally I love and […]

EMBRACE YOUR CRAZY! Yes we are all crazy in our own way. Sometimes it is a bad crazy but other times it is a great crazy. I am talking about the good crazy. The crazy that is creative and pushes you to live and be your truth. Often times we look outside of yourselves for [...]

SIDE HUSTLE IS THE NEW BLACK   In so many days of uncertainty, we can be clear on one thing. That thing is that we all have a gift or superpower that is unique. This is that one or two things you can do with your eyes closed. It comes to you like breathing. For […]

I remember years ago that I had a dream to live around the world and make money. Having no idea on how to make that happen it seemed like it would never happen. I continued to see folks living this nomad life through Instagram and blogs but it still seemed like something for my next […]

Every day I as myself what’s next. Because to be completely honest I am not happy with where I am now. I feel like my life is in a big transition and  I am spinning in many directions. Whenever I feel like this it is necessary that I just get still and quiet. I also […]

Social Media Break by Monica Wisdom Sometimes social media can hold your brain in a bad space and you have to disconnect to reconnect to yourself. It is astounding how we have made our phones another part of our body that we can not seem to release. Disconnecting is powerful especially when you do not […]

Stop Over Planning your Business by Monica Wisdom   Truth moment about my business. Many may know that I have been planning to begin an online academy for an entrepreneur for the last couple of years. In not knowing much about the e-commerce space outside of social media I proceeded to hire some great coaches […]

I finally understand Millennial’s by Monica Wisdom I finally get it. I just had the biggest aha moment. Millennials have always mystified me. As a deep thinker, I just couldn’t seem to grasp how they think. I never understood a millennial. I just passed them off as entitled and angry for no apparent reason. Well, […]

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