Social Media Break

Social Media Break by Monica Wisdom

Sometimes social media can hold your brain in a bad space and you have to disconnect to reconnect to yourself. It is astounding how we have made our phones another part of our body that we can not seem to release.

Disconnecting is powerful especially when you do not fill that free space with other tasks. If one uses that time centered around the thing that brings us joy and feeds our soul then life will open up in a powerful way.

The world will not stop, the media will still be there and what will show up is peace. We have to get out of the habit of having to know everything right now. It is not healthy. If fact it is driving us all to a dark place.

Personally, I am going to take a break because I need some time to think about my future and space to write. I feel like my brain is clogged up with inputted information and I just need to let it all out. I am calling the mental spring cleaning. Getting it all out and see where it takes me. Because I really need time to create.

You can absorb more when the sponge is full. It’s time to clean the sponge.

Keep Dreaming,

Monica Wisdom

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