Reimagine your Life

Every day I as myself what’s next. Because to be completely honest I am not happy with where I am now. I feel like my life is in a big transition and  I am spinning in many directions.

Whenever I feel like this it is necessary that I just get still and quiet. I also go into my tool chest of what has worked to pull me into a new direction.

Years ago I created a visioning process. I have used it for many years, almost 3o. It used to be my sacred secret until one day I was asked to teach at a global music conference. I did not want to teach the regular marketing things but I felt it was necessary to be as authentic as possible.

So I added the sacred secret that had work for years. It still works so much so that I still have people asking me about it as they share their results. I thought the world would think I was crazy believing in such mojo. lollll

Well as I am going through this process for myself I decided to make it public and teach it on my facebook business page.

Because if you are like me you need some accountability. I never want to stay in a place of uncertainty for long. Cause it sucks!!!!

I just completed all three parts and if you want to check them out you can follow the link to my facebook business page.  I will post it at the bottom.

How are things going with you? Are you clear of fuzzy like me?


Until Next Time,

Monica Wisdom

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